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Bitcoin Exchange Guide

A leap forward in blockchain exchange technology

In development by an experienced team who have built cryptocurrency applications handling hundreds of thousands of accounts per month and transactions in excess of one billion dollars.

  • Introduction

    With extensive development already completed, Bitsta is a modern, highly secure and fully scalable cryptocurrency exchange service platform designed for mass mainstream adoption. Bitsta will attract customers through responsiveness, security, localization, live customer service, rich features, and user empowerment through customizable modules. At least fourteen tradable cryptocurrencies will be available at launch along with the ability to deposit and withdraw in fiat in select markets shortly thereafter.

    Bitsta will initially support cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading followed by fiat to cryptocurrency trading in select markets as well as securities and decentralized trading in the future.

  • Focus

    At Bitsta, security is the primary focus. Bitsta will store all currency in multi-signature cold wallets — "hot" wallets are never used. Additionally, Bitsta will use a unique security protocol for customer withdrawals which will allow the customer to control and confirm their withdrawal and transfer information completely off-system.

    Bitsta will provide easy to use tools and extensive modern features that create a fully integrated cryptocurrency trading environment and exceed market expectations. All exchange services will be accessible via an extensively tried and tested secure web application that has already processed millions of dollars per day and hundreds of millions of dollars per month.

  • Opportunity

    Global exchange user numbers are climbing at an accelerated rate. A Cambridge study in March of 2017 revealed that the number of active users of BitToken wallets was in the range of 2.9 million and 5.8 million. A USA based exchange, reported 13.3 million users in November 2017 with an increase of over 300,000 users in one week alone. As blockchain technology continues to evolve the demand for cryptocurrency trading will continue to increase as well. Cryptocurrency markets, as of December 2017, are now averaging the same daily trading volumes as the New York Stock Exchange.

    With cryptocurrency and blockchain acceptance and adoption still in the early stages, but accelerating steadily, the opportunity for a secure, unique and professional long-term exchange is significant.


Extensive feature set

Bitsta delivers unique and proprietary solutions to existing exchange challenges and provides maximum security and optimal user experience. From unmatched security to trading bots and prime broker services, traders of all types will find powerful features suited to their needs.

Enhanced Security Protocols

In addition to extensive client side and server side security features, Bitsta will include at least two proprietary, patent pending, security technologies including absolutely no user funds in "hot" wallets, ever.

High Speed Matching Engine

Bitsta's proprietary matching engine is designed and built to handle well over one million completed transactions per second, over two million individual buy and sell transactions per second, making it one of the fastest matching engines currently with additional upgrades already planned.

Autonomous Functionality

Bitsta platform is designed to run completely autonomously in order to serve transactions 24-hours per day, 365 days per year, with powerful systems maintaining stability, security, checking all statuses, and scaling as needed during peak times.

Extensive Order Types

A wide array of order types available at launch, with more to be added, enable powerful, fine grain, trade control: Limit, Market, Stop Limit, One-Cancels-the-Other, One-Triggers-the-Other, One-Triggers-One-Cancels-the-Other.

Extensive Order Time Frames

Bitsta order types are controlled by time frames enabling further powerful refinement of your trades accounting for numerous possible factors: Immediate, Cancelled, Good Until Cancelled, Good Until Date.

Automatic Bid/Ask Smart-Pairing

Bitsta will automatically smart-pair currency Bid/Ask with a minimum sustained execution speed in excess of one million completed transactions per second.

Advanced Localization

Bitsta platform was designed with localization in mind from day one. Translation support comes pre-built in to the platform and enables Bitsta to launch and support new markets quickly.

Customization & Personalization

Highly personalize and customize your account's displays to create a style that maximizes your personal trading preferences without the need for downloads or repeat setup on multiple devices.

Live Customer Support

Reach Bitsta customer support, in a variety of languages, at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, 365 days per year.


Bitsta platform will include gamified features to increase adoption of the exchange as well as introduce beginner users to new features and trade options. We expect gamification will at least double the average number of trades per user.

Modern User Experience

Bitsta will have a responsive, intuitive and modern user interface (UI) with feature-rich modules viewable on most devices. Light and dark theme versions will be available at the time of launch.

Beginner to Advanced Features

Simple guided trading and setup for first time users makes Bitsta exceptionally accessible. Experienced traders can jump in and take advantage of customization and extensive trade type options as well as API access and Prime Broker services.

Secure Asset Storage

Safely store your assets with Bitsta and avoid having to create local wallets, print paper wallets, or purchase a hardware wallet. Available to all users; great for institutional and large investors.

Live News Feed

Focused and trending news for each of your assets displayed in real time. See recent, credible, and real time, asset specific news from over 30,000 reputable online sources.

Trading Bot Support

Bitsta trading bots available along with support for popular 3rd party trading bots. Trade 24/7 with intelligent bots built into your Bitsta account or connect preferred bots with our advanced API.

User interface examples

Bitsta user experience will be extremely intuitive and come with powerful personalization features

  • Bitsta UI Demo
  • Bitsta UI Demo
  • Bitsta UI Demo
  • Bitsta UI Demo
  • Bitsta UI Demo
  • Bitsta UI Demo
and see how Bitsta takes trading into the future

Bitsta Exchange Token — BXE


Purchase Bitsta BXE tokens now by logging in or register

BXE Exchange Token

Bitsta BXE Token will be used as the preferred Bitsta exchange transaction fee token with decreased trading fees when used by exchange customers and will include a special Staking Program available to those already registered at the time of launch.

BXE Issue

The issue will be for 425,000,000 (425 million) BXE and will never increase.

BXE is an Ethereum blockchain ERC20 token.

BXE Repurchase

Every quarter Bitsta will use 25% of profits to repurchase BXE Token until 325 million have been repurchased and destroyed, leaving 100 million in circulation.

The road ahead

Bitsta development is already under way with first demos completed.

October 2018
Getting Started

Development of the exchange platform begins with initial development team.

March 2019

Setup of initial pre-beta system for initial automatic usage and testing.

April 2019
Basic Functionality + We're Recruiting!

Front end and back end account creation and management capability live. Referral engine live.

July 2019
Auditing & Testing

Daily comparison reports for auditing team. Weekly full-pass penetration testing from System Team.

September 2019
Beta Exchange

Invite only access for already registered users to Beta version of exchange platform.

April 2020
Exchange Live

Public access to live exchange platform.

September 2020
Additional Functionality

Localization and additional features released.

Revenue Model

Primary revenue source will be exchange fees. Additional revenue is planned from listing fees, margin fees and other fees for additional tools and services including secure asset storage.

Trading Fee

per trade

  • Tiered Discount Levels
  • BXE Discounts: 50%, 25%, and 10%
  • Institutional & Professional Tiers
Listing Fee

per Token listed

  • 3rd Party Review
  • In-house Approval Process
  • Innovative & Proven Coins
Q2 2020
Margin Fee

per transaction + interest

  • For Professional Traders
  • Bitsta Funding Pool
  • Availability by Market Will Vary
Other Fees

by service or access

  • Advanced Order Automation
  • High Volume API Use
  • Advanced Trading Tools
  • Secure Asset Storage

Technology Development Team

Bitsta is being developed by an experienced development team who have built cryptocurrency applications handling hundreds of thousands of accounts per month and transactions in excess of one billion dollars

  • Development

    Bitsta development team is comprised of over twenty team members, and growing. The team is lead by a very successful and experienced founder of a top web application development company used by multi-million dollar companies processing as much as $500 million dollars per month. With millions of accounts managed, and billions in credit card transactions, the Bitsta development team is very familiar with security, efficiency and scalability demands of online systems. When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, the team has developed systems and apps that have successfully, and securely, handled hundreds of thousands of new accounts per month and hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrency processing volumes. The team is at the forefront of modern full stack development and is constantly improving Bitsta with enhancements of its speed, security, reach and capability.

  • Design

    Bitsta user interface and user experience design (UI/UX) team is lead by an experienced web designer with over a decade of experience in creating impressive modern front-end applications. Specializing in creating a rich user experience, the team knows that good used experience entails much more than simply making sure an application is viewable on all devices. Each device requires its own feature set accessible in a way that fits that device best. The team is adept at creating interfaces and user experiences that far exceed the initial specifications. Most recently they have built the front end and back end platforms for several companies generating revenues in excess of 100 million dollars.

  • Blockchain

    The Bitsta blockchain development team is led by a highly accomplished software engineer with extensive experience developing the underlying blockchain protocol, smart contracts, and the broader network ecosystem. When it comes to experience and capability, numbers don’t lie, and that’s certainly true in this case, as the Bitsta Lead Blockchain Developer has a reputation score of well over 17,000 on That score places him in the top 2% of developers with over 1.7 million developers having been helped or shown the way through his feedback and code.

Bitsta Development


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Bitsta delivers exclusive and unique solutions to existing exchange challenges and provides maximum security and optimal user experience for all types of traders.

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No "Hot" Wallets Used by Bitsta

A key feature is a unique system where Bitsta will store all reserve currency in multi-signature cold wallets — no "hot" wallets are ever used.

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Significant Leap Forward

With extensive development already completed, Bitsta Exchange is a modern, highly secure and fully scalable cryptocurrency/digital asset exchange service platform.


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